By:  Amanda Wilson

Earlier this year, the IRS announced that identity thieves had been able to hack one of its computer databases and gain access to extremely sensitive data.  Back then, the IRS indicated that about 225,000 households had been potentially impacted, with approximately half of those households having their personal data breached.  The IRS is now admitting that the breach was far more extensive than thought, with an additional 225,000 households that may have had their accounts breached.  The IRS will be contacting those that it believes was impacted, but given the rate at which the IRS moves, don’t wait for that to happen.  As always, be vigilant about your cyber security and monitor your credit reports.  If you think your information has been breached (or even if you don’t), I strongly urge you to obtain an IPPIN.  More information can be found about the IPPIN program here.