Mnuchin: Tax Overhaul by August

By:  Amanda Wilson

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin stated that his goal is to have an overhaul of the Internal Revenue Code by August.  He recognized that this is an aggressive time table, and that reform may slip to later in the year.  We will have to wait and see!

Tax Reform In Trouble?

Capitol buildingBy: Amanda Wilson

The Wall Street Journal had an interesting article on the future of tax reform.   It can be found here.

Ryan Says Tax Reform Coming, But Later This Year

Capitol buildingBy: Amanda Wilson

On Friday, House Speaker Ryan stated publicly that tax reform legislation will be included in one of two must pass budget resolutions this year, but it will be included in the fiscal 2018 budget resolution rather than in the earlier fiscal 2017 budget resolution.  So per Speaker Ryan, reform legislation is coming, but later in the year.

Speaker Ryan also stated that the Affordable Care Act repeal legislation will be included in the earlier fiscal 2017 budget resolution.


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